Laptop Repair


Laptop Repair

Screen cracked? Not starting up? Too dimmed? Fear not!

Titan Tech’s laptop repair services cover all makes and models of notebooks and laptops. This includes Apple Macs, right down to the basic component level. Some popular manufacturers we often work with include: HP, Acer, Compaq, Gateway, Dell, Asus, Toshiba, Apple, Sony, Alienware, and many others!

My Computer Wiz will provide you with a quote within hours of assessing your laptop.

Repair of Display Backlights

In addition to replacing broken or cracked LCD screens on laptops, My Computer Wiz fixes laptop backlight issues too. This can often save you a lot of money as a new screen is not always the solution, both technically and budget-wise. We’ll start out with testing your display inverter that supplies power for the back light. If it is found that the inverter is not at fault, then we will test for CCFL – cold cathode fluorescent lamp. If broken, it will be replaced. In this manner, a range of problems will be tested for carefully until the problem is pinpointed.

Laptop DC Jack and Power Socket Repair

Power problems in laptops are usually because of faulty DC jacks, damaged power connector pins, or damaged power sockets. These may keep your laptop from powering up or recharging properly. Laptop power connectors may become loose or broken when power cables are inadvertently pulled or tugged at repeatedly. This places train on your laptop’s DC power socket and eventually causes it damage. My Computer Wiz specializes in repair of all broken DC jacks and laptop power connectors.

Immediately get in touch with My Computer Wiz if your laptop is displaying one or more of the symptoms below:

  • Flickering on-screen backlights while charging
  • Sudden change of battery to AC-power
  • Laptop battery not charging
  • Broken or loose DC jack
  • Dead laptop (not powering up altogether)

Laptop Liquid Spills, Screen Replacement & Screen Repair

The laptop screen replacement is easier now than ever before. Our technicians will replace your dead, cracked, or broken laptop display panel with a completely brand-new and identical replacement screen. It’ll most likely be on its way back to you on the same day.

We always maintain a stock of all popular replacement laptop screens, different monitor sizes, and different resolutions in our workshops. This lets the My Computer Wiz team perform the screen repair and dispatch your laptop back to you on the same day that it is received.

A laptop screen gone blank or dark is a sign that you may need a backlight repair.

Quality Counts

All replacement laptop screens, motherboards, DC jacks, and other replacement parts are RoHS compliant and fully-tested. No B-grade components or second-hand screens will slip through into your devices, unlike what happens at most repair companies. If you use My Computer Wiz to replace your laptop parts, you can rest in peace knowing that only the highest quality parts will be used.

Repairs of Laptop Motherboards

Titan Tech’s power-packed repair team is able to offer repair services right down to the basic component level for laptop motherboards. That’s something you’ll rarely come by.

We can help solve all of the below problems:

  • Dead laptop
  • Power-up but no boot of laptop
  • Distorted graphics
  • No images on screen

These are all signs of a motherboard failure in your laptop.

Bring Your Laptop Back to Life

Besides the issues addressed on this page, we provide an extensive range of repair services for all kinds of problems related to laptop dysfunction, parts replacements, and upgrades.